Bot show error when I login

Can anyone I am facing one issue inserting the username and password in a site when I click, so due to net speed it’s taking time to login, As the next page is not available so robo throw the error. so how can I set a time wait to bot when only it move to the next activity when login successfully. Please help.

Hi @balkishan

You can use the On Element Appear activity here. This activity waits until some element appear on the screen. So probably you can wait until some element that appear after the login is successful and once it is available, you can perform the rest of the tasks. Those tasks can be added within the on element appear activity. In case you need more waiting time, you can increase the timeout period in the properties of this activity

Hope it helps


Thank Bro, sure will use that

Hi @balkishan,

To add to @Lahiru.Fernando’s answer, please set the RepeatForever property to False.
Then set the Timeout property


Is it possible to share me the sample workflow bro, I haven’t use the on element appear activity.

Sure… give me a minute

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So, I used it in one of our Level 3 assignments to check for the page number.

So what happens here is, it first clicks on a button (page number button). Then I have the on element appear activity to check for a element before doing some data scraping… So, its the same basic idea you have to do here in your case

Process.xaml (18.7 KB)


Thanks so much bro :slight_smile:

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Hi @balkishan,

I would like to give you a kind suggestion,

  1. you tried to enter the login credentials----------well its done. You entered them
  2. you tried to click the login button-----------------again its done. you clicked
  3. the issue comes here when you want to proceed with your next activities to be performed in the next page of you website. And this issue occurs as the next page arrival takes more time due to network problem. So you need to wait till next page comes…Right…! WAIT…! So it implies that we need to either wait untill login page vanishes or new page arrives.

We can use either wait image vanish or wait element vanish. or as per @Lahiru.Fernando and @Jan_Brian_Despi suggestions to go with activities like
–On Element Appear or
–On Element vanish or
–On Image Appear or
–On Image vanish or

Hope this would help you in additional



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