WaitAny for browser elements

I am trying to automate login to a website. On launching the url, it might ask for credentials or directly go to home page.

In Pega there is an activity “waitAny” to handle such scenario. How to replicate same feature with the available uipath activities?

Hi @pandeypriyanka1312

After logging into a specfic URL

Use Type into enter the user name and pass word!

and set the type into properties WaitForReady to complete!

We can try with On element appear activity for a element to fully load!


@pravin_calvin Tha user_name field will not appear if the page remembers the details from last login session. It will go to home page directly.
In this case if I use the “elementExists” or “onelementAppear” activity, I will be wasting the bot’s time if it has landed on home page.

HI @pandeypriyanka1312 ,
use element exists activity to check the already logged in or not. you can give timeout property also(3000).


Thanks @arivu96 … I will try this approach

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