How to give a wait to the Bot? Not delay

suppose I am checking the particular element on a website and it’s taking time process and till visible. Like I am checking result it’s showing Pending status some time it takes 2 min sometimes it takes. then only it show the result Success or Failed. So hot do this please help.
top left is the result and second right down pic is when I process the site. I want to wait the bot till it give me the response. If you see first top left pic showing eligible. and second right down is checking and showing pending. Please help. How to do this.

Hi @balkishan.
You can use On Element Appear activity.


Hi @balkishan - you can use on element appear or check element exist before doing any processing.

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Hi @balkishan,

Buddy, you can sort this out easily…!

there are options like

  1. On element appear - if you are able to access that element of the status word like “Pending” or “Responded” you can make use of this activity. You can increase the timeoutMS value in this activity properties to the minutes you want. But the beauty is the process wont wait till the time you mention in timeoutMS, rather will continue the process, the moment robot finds the element. This is unlike delay activity that would wait till the time mentioned and thus impact the bot performance. Thats the reason why we avoid delay activity mostly unless it is citrix without image accessibility.

  2. Wait attribute - Again this activity will apply only if you can access the element as mentioned above and is the most reliable one for your case. Because you can wait till the attribute value of “aastate” gets changes to “Responded” from “Pending”. Once this string is met with the attribute, you can proceed further. Again you can mention the timeoutMS as you want.

  3. On image appear - if you are not able to access the element of those strings, you can use this image activity. Once the image of the string “Responded” is found you can continue further and again you can mention the timeoutMS as required.

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So simply I have to indicate the element. Do I need to use any activity in the DO Section? Please tell me ?

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Hi @balkishan,

INDICATE ELEMENT INSIDE BROWSER - this implies the element for which you want to wait for…click the element you want t consider

Do activity implies the activities that you want to perform once the element is found, So kindly mention the activities that you want to carry out once you found the element updated as “Responded” , like any further processes that you want… ITS NOT necssary that you need to mention the furthe processes in Do container, you can even mention them outside the on element appear container ( i mean activity )

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You would need to put in the activities that you want to carry out once the element appears in your window

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Thanks a lot really helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Jan_Brian_Despi and @AndyD and @AndyD it’s really helpful :slight_smile:

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amazing…! you did it buddy…!
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I am implementing it bro. It takes time to show me the result. will get back to once it worked :slight_smile:

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Buddy @balkishan
.Is it working…!

You can use user events where the bot should continue after clicking a element lets say the ok button, and bot should continue after clicking the ok button.

Let us know if this helps,

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@pavanh003 sorry didn’t get pavan how you say?


use the user events in the wizard of uipath studio and this will wait for user to give some inputs or to click some activity you wish to and based on that it will continue the process or it will wait for your response to continue.
please refer the below link to know more about user events :

Pavan H

HI @ balKishan,

Since its dynamic and unsure of time takes to load the element on screen,
Better use do while activity and repeat the loop until you find the element on screen.


Hi Palaniyappan,

What about cases where we want to wait until terminal session finish execution of commands ?

Hi @hsendel,

If terminal will close after execution, you can watch processes and wait when teminal closes.


Hi Nikola_Drazic, How to do you translate this to Activities?

WaitProcessClose.xaml (6.8 KB)

Hi @hsendel, I made you a snippet.
Let me know if it’s working.