Bot runs slower when executed from Assistant than in stuido

I Created a bot and when I run it in studio it takes about 16 seconds. When I run it from UiPath Assistant the exact same bot on the same system takes about 90 seconds. are there logging settings or something else that could be causing the drastic difference in execution time? Every second for this particular automation matters as it is kicked off by a chatbot. Using the chat bot to execute the process does not change the time.

Studio 2021.4.4
Assistant 2021.10.3 (Auto updated by orchestrator)

Was it just the first time it took longer, or after you published a new version? This is normal because it has to download and install all the dependencies locally the first time you run it, or first time after you publish a new version to Orchestrator.

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No it was not the first time

Hi @BobFromWisconsin ,

Some times the logging type we are using for uipath assistant and orchestrator cause this slowness. Could you double check what type of logging you are using to writes logs in your local machine. Pls refer the below thread it might helpful. Thanks.

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I turned logging completely off to test this just now and it did not make a difference. Good Idea though.

Are you using on-premise Orchestrator? If so, how many rows are in your database’s Log table? This table grows quickly and must be maintained (ie remove old rows, shrink and reindex) to avoid performance issues and even errors.

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ok I found the root cause. It looks like at some point I enabled pip and when pip was enabled it was taking a lot longer. What is odd is the bot did not run in pip whenever I ran it in studio. I have not used pip on any bots as of yet and enabled it for a quick test while troubleshooting. It is still about 10 seconds slower but I think some of that is lag time for the chatbot initialization ect.

I have those setup to clear out per best practices.

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