Bot slow running of simple code like IF statements

Hi, Our bot runnning in either debug, run or from orchestrator is running really slow. An example is it will hit a basic IF statement and sit there for 30 seconds or so but and then continue.

Any help would be hugely appreciative.

There could be many reasons buddy
—may be the application with which the bot is working along might be slower
If so we need to check with a normal desktop application and confirm once whether the same slowness is getting reflected or not

—due to memory space issue in your system
If so remove the temp files and increase the memory and try once
—due to the workflow structure like using multiple loops along the process might take some time than usual
If so avoid using multiple or inter loops (loop within loop) so that we won’t face this issue

Does it comes under any of these
Cheers @rohangroombridge

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Thank you for looking at this mate. We have the same code on our dev server and it all works perfectly. I find it strange its slow over a simple if statement as if statements dont envolve our webapp. What could this be? Are there analitic tools that could help?

Is it a community edition or enterprise edition where we are checking this now

Its enterprise. It seems UiPath direct arent sure just yet. Hence why i thought to reach out here. Our version is 19.4.4 for both orchestrator and Studio

Hmm fine buddy
Is this the only workflow getting like this or any other workflow

All other workflows ie. we have 7 bot process and they are all slow in production but perfect in development server. It seems alot of users on the forum seem to uninstall and reinstall and then slowness is fixed but for enterprise edition im not if it should / would be that easy for licensing realotion plus it would technically be an outage for us.

So I think the issue is with production server
Is it consuming lot of memory disk space
Kindly check that once buddy

All resource usage is very low. Memory and CPU is around 25% on avergage and never usually above 30%.

Hmm ok
Kindly check once with the technical team on this as it is being a production environment

Cheers @rohangroombridge

Thanks, We are already in contact with them but like i mentioned earlier they seem to be unsure. Anything else i can check

@rohangroombridge - a similar thread (no solution though)

Thanks mate. Yes i noticed this one. VEry strange. Definetly need to understand what troubleshooting can be done.

@sumitd or @sumitd Should i use networking tools like wireshark and see if its network related?

@rohangroombridge - I don’t see why not - we are unsure of the cause, and network could be an issue. Firewall?