Bot recognizes the image but does not perform Click Activity

Hi! I have this image in a website. The problem is the bot recognizes the image but does not perform the Click. I tried using Highlight Option in Debug Mode to check if it sees the right image. The bot does but it just doesn’t click the image. Kindly help. Thanks!

Here’s the image.


Heres’s the selector


Is hightlight activity highlights the image?
Try to use Double click instead

Yeah the bot does. Tried using Double Click in the property of the Click Activity but no luck

Can you share your workflow?

@caduque, have you tried click image?

i also wonder if manually pressing enter selects that image, if so then you can sent hotkey with enter

I thought of that as well. Tried using tab, but I need to a lot of Tab until I reach the image, which I think is not a good practice to do.

Try using anchor base

Here’s a screenshot of my workflow.

Use Click Image on right side too

@caduque, if the click image activity doesn’t work, also try the click picture on screen activity

The click image is not working. Where can I find this click picture on screen activity?

It is now working. I removed the Anchor and just simply use the Click Image Activity.

Thank you all guys for helping!

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