What exactly does WaitForReady.COMPLETE do?

It seems like it should be obvious that it waits for a web page to finish loading completely before starting the activity. My assumption is browsers expose some sort of “loading complete” value to UiPath.

However, there have been times where I set a Click or other activity to WaitForReady.COMPLETE and then when I run it, the automation does not wait for the page to finish loading before executing the activity.

So from a technical standpoint, what exactly is happening when UiPath is “waiting for ready?”


Hey @postwick

Yes that’s right

Check here the detailed one,

FYR - UI Activities Properties


I know what the documentation says. Read what I wrote, please. The way it works in actual practice doesn’t always match what that says. Is it because not all web pages send the correct info?

Hi @postwick,

As Wait for Ready looks for the backend also to load so for example in you case might be the scenario where the website you are performing actions the contents from Backend are fully loaded so bot performs that activity.


I know that is the intent. I understand the activity. I am asking for technical details, and why it doesn’t always work.