Bot is not waiting for WEBADI form to load-tried multiple option wait for ready ,delay etc

HI All, I am building an automation where the requirement is the Oracle WEBADI form should open and the Bot has to do some work inside that WEBADI form. I have tried wait for ready activity set as complete, on element appear(once the webadi form loaded) then do this, even tried element exist or not. but i am getting activity timeout exception. I can’t use “Delay” method because how long the WEBADI form ll take to open is not fixed-sometime it take 3-4 min, sometime it takes 5 mins-depends. Please suggest how to handle this situation.


Keep this on element appear in ACTION block of RETRY scope and retry to the number of times you want by mentioning the number in the property panel

use a image or element exists in RETRY SCOPE condition block and keep the rest of activities in action block which are to be performed on that new page

So that it will repeat until the element appears and get active

Cheers @malabikads

Thanks for the Response, i tried the 2nd option in “retry scope”, but as i mentioned earlier there is no definite timeline when the Oracle WEBADI Form is going to open, sometime it takes 3-4 mins or 5-6 mins. Twebadi form takes 4-5 mins time.docx (446.0 KB)
he requirement is after 4-5 mins the WEBADI should display “stop script” pop up and bot should click on “yes” to open the webadi form. I attached the “retry scope” screen shot in the attachment- if i dont define any timeout then after 30 seconds UIPath gives error saying it didnt found the element, but if i define the timeout in “click” activity then it works-but the problem is in this way we are hardcoding the timing-currently i hardcoded for 5 mins(300000 millisec) but in any case if the form takes more than 5 mins time then i ll get timeout error. Also in the “element exist” activity i provided “wait for ready.complete” Please suggest how to avoid the hard code waiting time .