Bot is not able to identify the citrix elements in the sceduled run of the bot

Hi All, I am facing the issue with citrix automation.

I have a production unattended machine into which there is a process which log in to the citrix portal through chrome browser and then navigates to apps and open the desired app and then perform the actions into it.

So when the bot runs as per the schedule the process is failing as it is not able to identify the elements of the citrix application and bot fails . And if i re trigger the bot again in unattended mode the bot is able to perform the actions means it is able to identify the elements .

So can anyone please tell me why is this happening ??


Ensure that the Citrix Extension is properly installed on the machine where the bot is scheduled to run. The Citrix Extension is necessary for automating applications within a Citrix environment. If it’s not installed, you can install it from UiPath Studio or by using the UiPath Extension Installer.

Verify that the bot is running in a Citrix environment or in a machine that can access Citrix applications. If the bot is running in a locked-down environment, make sure it can access the Citrix application.

Verify that the Citrix Receiver installed on the machine is compatible with the Citrix environment. Using an outdated or incompatible version of Citrix Receiver can cause issues.

Citrix extension is correctly installed through studio only…i just now trigger the bot manually from orchestrator it is working fine but in the last scheduled run it has failed at the initial stage it self

Check for differences in the environment between the manual and scheduled runs. Ensure that the machine’s state, user permissions, and network connectivity are consistent during scheduled runs.

I am triggering the bot through orchestrator only for manual runs as well


What is the exception message bot was logging in orchestrator.


If you have configured acreenshots…please check them to see if there is any difference in the screen …that is if the oage is not opened or so…

Also is it occuring for only the first run? Or for any scheduled run?


scheduled run of the day

Just the ui element is not found kind of


Is this issue resolved?? I am facing the same issue