Bot gets stuck in Process stage during Business exception

When bot is throwing a business exception it moves out of all the inner sequences but gets stuck before moving out of Process Stage and even manually am not able to pause the bot.

No Idea what might be the root cause.

Hi Piyush,
Are you using Reframework? If so, in the case of business exception in process state, bot will invoke SetTransactionStatus workflow and then move to getTransactionData state. Is that happening?


Yes I am using ReFramework, And yes that should be the logical course bot should take.

But unfortunately that’s not happening.

Hi @piyushagarwal.0108

Identify the cause for business exception after the looking the output panel/orchestrator logs. You can debug the process and understand this.

In the RE Framework, if BOT encountered any business exception BOT will continue with next transaction after marking queue item status(If queue is implemented)

Hope this will be useful. Thank you.

Can you please debug and check which step / workflow does bot execute in process stage? Please provide screenshots to understand the problem.

It was resolved as soon as I kept my flowchart inside a sequence in the process.xaml.

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