Working on web application

I am working on a web application in RE Framework in Process.xaml i m reading excel file and taking input from excel and inserting into a web application but if any business exception is occuring then bot is stop working rather than working on a next transaction.

Also i have defined business rules if occurs then write a output file with exception and incrementing a variable.
Also in set transaction status flow- Transaction increment is already there.

Any help on this would be appreciate…
Cheers !!

Have used “throw” when handling Business exception?

Yes already used throw activity and stating business exception with certain message …


Can you please run the process in Debug mode and check once.

Check once with the transitions between each state

In a way like how the condition is set in those transitions so that we can find where it is missing

And if you want to know any exception in one place before checking transition part run in debug mode so that if bot meets exception it will stop and then you can easily debug the flow

Cheers @mittal.abhishek

Hi @mittal.abhishek ,

According to your Statement, The reason might also be that Transactions to be processed is being read in the Process Part ?

Do we already have the Transaction Item retrieved from GetTransaction workflow either as a QueueItem or a DataRow ?

We would want to know if the Input Excel file being read in Process is the Data that you want to process one by one ?