Business Rule Error in REFramework

I am using RE-Framework, when business exception occurs in the process xaml, I throw the business rule exception but in orchestrator queue it’s status is showing as in process.

It should be Failed , right ?


Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani

When there is a Business Exception encountered during the process the SetTransactionStatus xaml will mark the queue item with ‘Failed Status’ along with Error Type as ‘Business’ as in the below screenshot.

If you are not getting this status in your queue item, kindly check in the your flow that your are correctly assigning the BusinessExeception in the catch block.

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

It is successfully going in business exception block , but status is not setting properly.

Can you check this on Debug mode? You Press F11 to step into to debug more.

And also getting error when trying to assing transactionitem data by using specific content syntax.

Hi @Bhagyashri_Wani

Can you please download the most recent RE framework from the below and check your specific code on it?

Thank you.


Can you share the screenshot you are getting error?



Check with Set Transaction activity placed along the flow for Business exception
And see what is the status set in property panel

You can find that in Process state → Try catch → Final State → Invoke workflow file and click on open workflow and it will open set transaction status workflow
There a flowchart built to set the status in queue can be found
Check for business exception condition and search for Set transaction activity there and see the status set

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Bhagyashri_Wani