ReFramework - Bot keeps repeating the System Exception sequence in Set Transaction Status workflow

Hi, I have come across a strange case where the bot keeps looping inside the System Exception sequence once it comes to that path. It will keep incrementing the system exception counter and perform
the activities in the same loop. I cannot seem to find any reason why it would do so. Do you have any input? I have attached a video in debug mode where this happens.

Video Link


Looks like its not looping in the same…

  1. If it is looping in the same loop…then ideally it should have failed at set transaction status as the transaction status would already be set
  2. We are getting some other error as if you observe video at 0:56 …I see a element not found exception but bot execution is no where near any elements…so looks like the transaction is failing immediately

Can you show more details to see the cause or attach a project here

Or instead of continue…try step into…that way you would know here the execution is and also I believe transaction number is also changing


Thanks for your time to look into this!

  1. Yes, that’s what I would think too. But It doesn’t fail at set transaction status for some reason. This is the System Exception path of the Set Transaction Status workflow. We would think it would then exit and go back to initializing but it doesn’t. I have included 2 loops of the same in the video.

  2. That is the error which the bot encountered for it to come to System Exception. That is just an Error log to indicate the same in the log file.

Since the project would contain business sensitive info I won’t be able to attach it here. But what other info would you like?

EDIT: I actually first did step into to each. I then did slow step for the video to make it a bit more uniform. Yes The transaction number and consecutive system exception count both increment indefinitely. But it won’t exit from this sequence.


Can you please confirm by any chance if there is a link from system exception to itself in the set transaction xaml sequence

Can you also confirm if transaction item is changing or not



Really appreciate your quick response. I went through the file again and again and I can’t seem to find anything that would link to itself. This the workflow if you’d like to take a look
SetTransactionStatus.xaml (58.6 KB)

The transaction item count keeps increasing, but it doesn’t go to the next transaction item in the queue.


As suspected there is one which is linked to itself…please delete the same



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I honestly couldn’t spot that! There were not 1 but 4 links!
Thanks OG. You’re a life saver.

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