Bot fails to start from Orchestrator both scheduled and manually in RDP

Info : “Executor start process failed, reason The requested resource is in use. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700AA)”

I am getting this error while running the bot on RDP. I can’t run manually from orchestrator also.
But I am able to run it from the Remote Desktop itself.

I studied following solutions-
logintoconsole - true/false
UiRobot should be installed
Orchestrator and UiRobot should be at least of same version.
Robot resolution in RD

Please suggest any solutions. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Salil512

I had this problem in the past, one day it didn’t work but the next day there weren’t any errors, maybe just wait a day. People back when i got the error didn’t now how to fix it, i hope they do now, but my advice is to wait a day! I hoped this helped if you have any more questions i’m here!



While setting up your ROBOTS in the ochestrator …

you should have updated
password .




Welcome to the uipath community.

Could you please disconnect that Bot machine from Orchestrator and again reconnect and then check once.

@BjrnUitenbroek Yeah, it runs smoothly today, without making any changes to UiPath setting files or above solutions I mentioned.

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Hi @Salil512

I am glad that its working now dont know what’s the problem with that!

Happy Automating!