RDP error when trying to run bot from Orchestrator, works if we already have RDP session open

If we RDP into the server our bots run on, then go to Orchestrator and run the job, it works. If we log out of the RDP session then we get the following error message when trying to run the job:

Could not start executor. Rdp connection failed: Message: The connection failed at negotiating security settings., Last error: 131084

Everything was working fine until Friday, by the way. We verified that we can RDP manually from the Orchestrator server to the server the bots run on, so it is not an infrastructure nor permissions problem.

Hi @postwick,
Which Orchestrator and Studio version do you have?
Was anything updated meanwhile?

2018.4.5 and no, nothing was updated.

Please have a look at this post:

In case it’s not applicable to your case please contact with our Technical Support.

That is not applicable. Our issue is Orchestrator not able to initiate the RDP session.

It turns out the issue is that UiPath uses the standard RDP port of 3389, but we use a custom port in our environment. UiPath is apparently not configurable to use a different port, which is a huge oversight in the product design IMO. Many IT environments use custom ports for security reasons.

Unfortunately currently RDP ports are fixed. But thank you for your input, we’ll have a closer look at this case.