Blue vs. green start node

My start node suddenly turned blue, and my process is not working properly.
Could anyone tell med the difference between the green and blue start node (the blue turned up unexpected, and is running crazy). The green one worked just fine with the same process.blue_vs_green_start-node
Thank you!

Hi @bjorn2390

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What is the error message?

The change of color is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the actual workflow.

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You have to select from the Dropdown now.


If you have not changed anyting in the workflow and continue to run without Debug - Select the Last Option …


@bjorn2390 was there an update/upgrade of Studio in the past. This would explain the changed color. However as mentioned, the different color does not block the execution. An update maybe requires to bring the project to new version as well (project.json)

Thanks for fast replys. I got that the color was just cosmetic. But my somewhat (for me) comprehensive process got lost in all the new “read only”-sequences the BOT created for itself.
The solution was from @mukeshkala this time. I was not aware the different choices in the dropdown meny for the start-button. Thank you all!


you are right @bjorn2390, the behavior has changed, no matter how one interprets it. You saw the changes in colors, and that’s all right. Here is the explanation on how the ‘blue’ one works:


It does. Thank you, @ovi :slight_smile:

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