No "Start" button on Studio development panel

I am new to UIPath. When going through the tutorial. I can see a “Start” green button to start with. However, when I follow the tutorial with the same steps, I can’t see the “Start” button on my panel.

I watched the video for a few times and the instructor did not mention where the “Start” button come from.

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Hi @Dhong_Zhang,

Start Button is here. Upper right corner of your screen in the ribbon.

You also have an option to execute your workflow in debug mode, normal mode or just a specific file.

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Hi @Dong_Zhang

Go to Design Tab and Find the Start Button

Ashwin S

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Thanks Zhang!

Here are the shortcuts to run the workflow @Dong_Zhang

F5 is running the main workflow in the project , while F6 is running the particular workflow which we are trying to run

ctrl + F5 – > Start main file without debugging
F6 → start current file
ctrl + F6 → Start current file without debugging

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