I lost the green start button in the "work field". How do I get it back?

Can someone tell me how to get back the green “start button”?

Hi @Joost_van_der_Linden

Are u asking about start process?

I am sorry, I am new to all this. I don’t know. I think so. I saw also someone else with the question but can’t find it back.

Hi @Joost_van_der_Linden

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I recommend you to go through with uipath academy first learn Level 1 - Foundation Training enroll and learn

And In your case
Here it is

Go to Design Tab and Find the Start Button

Start Button is here. Upper right corner of your screen in the ribbon.

You also have an option to execute your workflow in debug mode, normal mode or just a specific file.

Good luck!

Regards, gulshiyaa

Thank you very much. Well, you maybe are right about doing the first course.
But still, this is a blue button. I mean the green button in the that you can drag to the next activity.

Are u asking about activity pannal

In left you can see activity click and search flow chart

Ah thanks… now it changed into blue suddenly!


UiPath Academy

Here you can learn more about uipath
First learn foundations training
Sign up and learn
Its official website


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