Skip Holidays Option for Orchestrator Scheduling

It would be great to have an option in the Schedule tab to skip holidays based on region and use Federal holidays at least. I’ve tried the scripting using the CRON expression tab but didn’t get too far with it.

This will be a nice feature for the Orchestrator, there are many processes that run depending on working day.


Thank you!


You can define your own bank holidays calendar. Skip weekends too.

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Hi @badita,

It would be nice to see an example to show how to define that calendar using CRON expression.

Anyway the suggested idea here is to see a button/ any control on Orchestrator to enable/ disable during defined holidays, this would be a great feature for future releases.



Hi @badita

Hope you had some great holidays.

Now checking in the beta Orchestrator it seems that the holiday schedule is global. What if a global company has the same robot running across multiple countries with different holidays schedules. Has this concern been raised by anyone?

I could see the use for it in our organization at least.


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