Best solution for 30 users at the same time

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This question is retarding Attended Robot licensing. I have this possible scenario.
There are 30 possible users, and they are using the same process. They need to have access to the process almost all the time (for example 10 processes are going to be active at all time), but there are 30 of them, so getting 30 named user Attended robot licenses is expensive.

I was thinking also about a mix of concurrent Attended Robots with Orchestrator (let’s say 1 Basic Orchestrator licence and 5 concurrent Attended Robot licence).

Would I be able to install robots on each of the 30 user’s machines?
Are the licenses going to be consumed just when the Robot Tray is opened/process is running?
How will the Robot act when all 5 licenses are activated and there are no available licenses?

My other solution would be to make 1 or more virtual machines where the users will be able to log in
and use the Robot.

Is it possible to have, for example, 10 named user robot licenses on one virtual machine (let’s say it is going to be a Windows Server that allows multiple people to log in, a High-Density environment), or would I need different virtual machines for each login? (that way I am going to have 5 different Virtual Machines with 5 Named User Attended Robot licenses)

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That’s a good question. I am in the same situation and I am really curious what I could do about it.

Same question: the customer wants 20 attended named user on 1 server.

We dont need the use a orchestrator but still i wanna know if its possible to use 20 licenses on 1 machine (vm or citrix). De bots dont need to start parallel

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I hope this will help you in your choice for licensing.

If certain users are required that their robot should always be available, you could take a Named user license for them and for other users the Concurrent User License should be the better option.

I assume you want to use Orchestrator. If so, you will need an Orchestrator license and lets say 25 Concurrent User Licenses and 5 Named User licenses. (for example).

With Orchestrator Usage:

  • UiPath Orchestrator License

  • Concurent User License ( the number of (Attended) robots that can be simultaneously connect to orchestrator, regardless of the user of the machine)
    The license will only be activated/used when the user connects his/her robot to orchestrator.
    When the max licenses are reached, the 31 robot will get the message that there are no more licenses available.
    When other users disconnect their robot or shutdown their machine(im not sure about this part), their robot will disconnect and the license becomes available again in the pool for other users to use it.

  • Named User License. Only needed if some users should always have a robot avaible and don’t have to depend on licenses available in the pool (Concurrent User License)

Yes. You can install it even on 100 machines and set them up in Orchestrator, but only a max of 30 robots can be connected to Orchestrator simultaneously

No. Only when the robot is connected to Orchestrator.
Note: i am not exactly sure, so it is best to contact Sales with this question

When the max licenses are reached, the next robot will get the message that there are no more licenses available.

@Creative. This one should be for you.
No Orchestrator Usage:

  • Node Locked License. this can be activated and used on a single machine.
    Allows multiple users to work successively on a machine using the same software instance.
    Im not exactly sure on the license checks on this part. Its best to contact Sales or Tech support for that

  • Named User License. Only needed just as in the example above if certain users should always be able to use their robot and not have to depend on available licenses.

Usefull: Academy Training: UiPath License Training.

There is a matrix available in the resources which will give you both insight about the license model for UiPath. I am not sure if it is allowed to share that PDF/Matrix on the forum.

From that point i think it will become more clear for you to contact sales and ask them specific about your needs.

@ all. If i missed something, please correct me.

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