How to perform attended concurrent licences in Orchestrator?


We have a server we connect via RDP sessions where it is installed Robot. We can connect such server with different user names and credentials corresponding to the data of the agents.

So I can connect such a server with my credentials and a colleage can also connect with his credentials.

The idea is that I use the attended robot in the mornings and my colleage in the evenings (each of one using our own credentials).

How can I achieve it ? In Orchestrator I can only put one USERNAME so I do not get to achieve it since we are two people…

Anyone can help? Thanks a bunch

i think you will create the 2 robots one for each user, just wont be able to use both at the same time… but i could be wrong…

should i be able to register 2 robots - one for each user - on the same machine ? i can not do it…

you can create any number of robots in the same machine…

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this message is shown…

only if try to connect more than one… you cant have it in use when creating them… or you dont have any attended license in your orchestrator available…

i have 1 attended concurrent user licence. is it normal that i can not register more robots with different user names to the same machine?

maybe just create one with any user (no password), install the robot in user mode for your 2 users, and see if it will connect for one after the other.

With the at the Organization level you are given 2 Attended Robots, 1 Unattended - Runtime, and 2 Studio Named User licenses.

You then allocate the licences between 1 or more Orchestrator services

By default Classic folders are available and as soon as you create your Attended Robot record a licensed is used up regardless to if the UiRobot is connected. Once you have created the number of robots matching your available licenses you will receive the error you posted above.

Similarly if you enable Modern Folder, you can Automatically create a robot for the user of attended type [Attended, Studio, & StudioX] as soon as the setting is updated. The license shows in use on the Licence page. The reason for this is that these are Named User licenses.

In order to do what you are wanting, you need licenses for Attended Concurrent User

Attended Concurrent - This type of license grants multiple users the possibility of simultaneously running their Robots, and to consume licenses only when they need to use Robots. This type of license is recommended if users are working in shifts.

No matter how many users are defined in Orchestrator, a license is consumed only when the Robot Tray or Agent Desktop is opened.

For example, you can have 50 users on 300 machines, all defined as Attended Robots in Orchestrator, but consume no licenses at all, because no one is using their Robot (the Robot Tray or Agent Desktop is not opened). If 2 users connect from the same machine, 2 licenses are consumed.

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