Before uploading the assignment 1 to be check

I have created the workflow of Assignment 1 in Level 3 REFramework. Before uploading I want to get it check whether it is OK or Not. As I have failed many time. This time i donot want to do that.
Do i need to reset the workitems after uploading ? (79.4 KB)

Hi @ramkrishna2k3,

No you should not reset after uploading,you need to run the BOT for all line items then upload the file without resetting .



  1. Don’t reset workitems data after uploading zip file.

  2. Use same credential in both Academy and ACME systems.

  3. Don’t hard code any values in the process.

  4. Store ACME system credentials in either Orchestrator Assets or Windows credential manager.

  5. use Trim function to trim the spaces before and after for that client data and enter there to get client security hash.

  6. And also record video of your process running and upload it along with zip file and may be it will help you to complete this assignment 1.