Level 3 assignment 1 Which file need to be uploaded

Hello Everyone,

I have successfully completed assignment 1 Calculate client security hash.
However when I uploaded complete ZIP file of my project it was evaluated in minutes which results into fail(0/100).
I don’t understand why exactly that was the result as its perfectly working and I have also updated every single and imp detail wherever required. Shall I re-upload only Main.xlms file ?

The comments by instructor are “total 20 items Completed:0 Correct Items:0”

I am totally confuse what went wrong.

PFA for reference


Thanks in advance.


you have to upload you entire solution in .zip format. and also make sure not to reset your data in ACME System1 until the evaluation is completed… The affected records in the ACME system should be in Completed status for the evaluation to pass

Have you done that?


Thank you so much, actually before uploading file I did reset the data due to which the status of the records were open and results turned out to be negative, I had no idea that status should be “completed” I thought they only go after the code. I will re-run the workflow post which I will upload the file again. thank you once again

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No worries…
If the answer helped you to get your assignment passed, please mark the answer as the solution so that others with the same question will know what to do when they see it :slight_smile:

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