Batch Processing Transaction in REFramework

I’m not a programmer, so I apologize if there’s a really obvious solution to this, but I haven’t been able to figure it out, or find a solution.

I’m automating a process where a user searches for Orders, Ctrl+Left Clicks an all orders with a status of Approved, and then Right Clicks → Change Status → Process for all of them at once. I’m trying to avoid building a Queue due to the volume and the loss of processing time that would entail.

Originally I thought I could just pass it as one transaction, filter & process, but UiPath keeps crashing/not responding when I try to use the filters on the pane. I can extract the data to Excel and Filter it there, but how do I get a bot to Ctrl+Left Click on each Order Number before changing the status?

Thank you.

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Sounds like you don’t really need to use the reframework in this instance if that’s the entire process.

I would have a simple process in which you use a do while. Have the condition be dependant on whether an approved item is detected. If the actions are in the do while it will keep iterating through, changing each status until no more are found.

Fine @rridlen
I hope these orders are accessed in a web page, but i would like to know whether all the orders are in a single page , or in a list form, a drop down form, well would like to know how the orders are accessed,
As you were able to extract and make a filter in excel with Status approved, we now need to just left click on the element, so we can pass the value from each row of the excel using for each row loop and assign it to a variable of type string
–then use a find text position activity and pass the above obtained variable as input and get the output as a UIELEMENT variable
–pass this uielement variable as input to click activity to the property ELEMENT, and as we passed this input we dont need to make a selection of element. and make sure we select the PROPERTY MouseButton like this

Cheers @rridlen

@Ellboy - I tend to agree, but I’m not real confident in my ability to build the exception processes on my own.

@Palaniyappan - All the orders are on a single page. I’ll give that a try, thank you.

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Fine @rridlen

Find Text Position is unable to locate the variable. Maybe I set the activity up wrong. I was able to use Click Text to find the Order Numbers, but if the Order isn’t on the screen (ie you need to scroll to find it) it fails.

Maybe check your string variable for differences, it might require whitespace removal (trim) or changing of case or something similar if it scraped oddly.

In the find text position case you could always out that in a try catch and have some workflow for scrolling down in the catch followed by another find text position.

If in the application you can zoom out you could try that so all fields are visible.

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The zoom out was a really good idea that I’ll keep in mind. Sadly it won’t work with this desktop application.

I’ll play around with the Try Catch and see if I can figure that out. Thank you, I appreciate it.

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This is mostly working now. I tested it about a dozen times, but there were a couple of occasions where it dropped the selections (Ctrl + Left Mouse Button) when it went to process (Right Mouse Click → Menu navigation). The bot views the process as complete in those cases, but it’s a false positive really. Any ideas what might cause the Ctrl + L click selections to sometimes drop, but other times work correctly? I was debating about toggling the R Click to also use Ctrl (it seems to work fine when manually testing).

Not too sure about this one, if the process is short enough I’d suggest watching the process to see what happens when it goes wrong, perhaps a popup covers the item or somehting like that.

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