Efficient way Robot can click each text

Hi All, I need help to make efficient way how to make bot can click for example:

Bot need to click each this reference number:

What I need to do is:

  1. Find the subject is from the row in excel.

  2. Bot need to click each this reference number:


this reference number will appear and must click each reference number and click ok and do the rest activity then loop for the same subject then continue for second reference number until the last number.

  1. but the reference number could be many or not.

Please advise and let me know how to make efficient workflow. Thanks in advance

Hello @nurainfatihah.hamirruddin

You can build your flow as follows

read excel file into dt_input
For each row in dt_Input
	'>>>>>navigate to desired page
	'Type Into >row("Subject").Tostring > Subject field and click on search
	use Extract Data to extract the reference table data
		for each row2 in dt_ExtractedData
		'Perform action on reference record/page
		next row2
Next row