UIPath reframework navigation and processes

I have a workflow where the bot logins on the app and navigate to the parts of the app. I have put the getting of credentials and navigation on reframework initialization. I have a part of the bot where the bot should select each item from the table and click and process it , should I put it on the reframework getransactiondata ? what exact processes should be on gettransactiondata and process transaction data ? Any idea and guide would be appreaciated , Thank you.

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Get Transaction Data is used to get items in a queue.

Probably you can get the table and put the data in the queue in the inizialization part of the process. Then retrive the data and use that data in Process Transaction

how about on the get transaction data ?

On get Transaction Data you retrieve the queue item

Do you have some example Sir ? Thanks.

Nothing at the moment, sorry

Hi @Jelrey

Check my github

You can find a lot of example of REFRAMEWORK here

nived00015 (Nived N) · GitHub

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