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I have been doing all practice sets from outline by myself and completed level 1 & 2 training easily(checked the available download files just to confirm if I can make way better). In L3 I think am able to understand RE framework but doing practice is a headache as at very first step I am confused.

Successfully did UiDemo task I did without REFramework. But confused that where to keep my blocks. Is it process xaml or by breaking and putting in init/transaction. Any advice plz. Last 2 days wasted in that confusion only. Tried documents and videos but not getting clarity on this.


Init - Reading config files, Applications Initialization

GetTransactionData - Reading one by one Input data and passes to Process Data

ProcessTransactionData - It will process one by one record which are coming from GetTransactionData. This process will repeat until no TransactionItems found in GetTransactionData.

End State - here we will close all used applications in the process. Once processing of all records completed it will reach this state and close all applications. And also if any error occur in Init state also and it will come to this state.


Simply put in context of UiDemo,

init - basically where you launch UiDemo and login occurs, this is where you get your login info from orchestrator, also, (this is where you read your excel file if there are more information that are needed other than the ones uploaded to orchestrator), as init state is not supposed to be looped, you only want to extract excel information once + read config files.

get transaction data - assuming you have done dispatcher and has ran it, your config file has the queue name, you retrieve the transaction item based on the transaction number, default for me i set to 0 instead of 1, where i do +1 right after i did the invoke get transaction data, so i dont have to put it elsewhere, where it is harder to find. you don’t have to change much to this part for performer.

process transaction, basically after you have retrieved the data from orchestrator, (include matching transaction items to each row of excel and extracting the row items if there are more information required to perform the next action), you perform the type into and various actions that enters the values from the transaction data retrieved in “Get Transaction Data” into UiDemo, everything such as navigate applications, websites and the likes comes under this area.

hopefully this helps you understand a little more
i would not suggest doing UiDemo exercise because the docs are hard to follow for a first timer and certain areas are not clear enough.

i would recommend you to browse through, try to understand then directly do assignment 1 with the help of the just a touch walkthrough and youtube video, codingandplay does a good job on assignment walkthrough.

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Lakshman , Thanks a Ton, for the clarification. But yes your info is also good & I understood already the layout of RE Framework. Was having doubt in implementation layout and relating to practical implementation.
Sorry !! the below reply from @MythicGold is more accurate for the purpose of what I was looking for Hence marking that one as Solution.

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Thanks a lot @MythicGold for the clarification. I have already gone to individual steps and explored it, Understood that it will be becoming better when I do more of RE Framework practices with time. Regarding practice, Since I have done the way of doing problem statement till now for each case (Exception: Citrix), WIll give a couple of more hours & if not getting it through, surely will skip. :slight_smile:

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