Using RE Framework when there is no Transaction Data

I have a process that logs in to the remote desktop and open an application runs it , Close it and comes out. So basically there is no transaction item. I have to use REFramework for this . How should I proceed forward . It should do the process once.

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In Get_Transaction, initialise out_transaction to dummy object.
In Process_Transaction, process the logs and set out_transaction to Nothing after workflow execution.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks Karthik,
I see following arguments in the GetTransactionData workflow
out_TransactionItem which is of type queueitem and its value is TransactionItem.
What should I put default the value for this?

You can change it to data table because we are not using queues here.

You need to change the RE framework transaction item data type to a data table everywhere.

Hi Karthik,
I have changed the transaction item to string everywhere and in GetransactionData workflow I am assigning out_Transaction to “abc”. Then in Process Transaction after invoking the Process.xaml , I am assigning TransactionItem to nothing.
When I run it , It is running in an infinite loop, Where I am doing wrong ?

Can you please debug and see, if transaction item is setting to Nothing is executing or not.
If you debug you will find where it is going to infinite loop.

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,
It calling GetTransactionData then Invoke Process.xaml and then SetTransactionStatus after this again it is calling GetTransactionData then Invoke Process.xaml and then SetTransactionStatus. this goes in a loop. It never goes to the point where I have assigned TransactionItem to nothing after Invoke Process.xaml

Please remove set transaction status workflow. It is not required in this case.
Set transaction is used only with queues.

My apology,
Its going into Success , Set Transaction is already commented.Again the loop goes on

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Hi Karthi,
Were you able to figure out where I am going wrong

May be you can set transactionitem to Nothing in the get_transaction.

Add a simple if condition (create a variable Count and assign to 1)

If count == 1then
   transactionitem = something
  transactionitem = Nothing

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,
This approach also did not worked, But at last I made it working.
What I did as per your suggestion I assigned a dummy value to out_transaction and then moved the arrow key of Success from Get Transaction to End Process. Which made it run only once.
Thanks a lot for your support.

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what is the dummy value mean? any example?
Sorry, I’m new here. I also have some case using RE Framework without Transaction Data.

hello @Riko_Bobot

dummy value means default value .you can pass the defult value in argument panel

or initialize with assign activity


Hi @sandeep13,
Now I get it, Thanks a lot!

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