Basic coding required in UIPath

Hi Guys,I learnt UIpath through academy, Am a non software guy dont have much knowledge on C# and VB, Can you please help me where i can learn basic coding concepts required in UIPath,
Thanks in Advance!!

Hi @nageshgowdaj

Do you have a particular question in mind? A quick google search of questions attached with the language will generally bring up an answer.


Actually you don’t need any knowledge on C# and VB to work with UiPath. Simple if else conditions and for loop knowledge is required. I hope you have some coding basics in other coding languages like C or whatever. That’s more than enough :slight_smile:


It depends on what you mean by “basic coding concepts”.

For the most part, these concepts are “logic” and “things that make sense” like things you will think about day to day.

For example, you want to make a bowl of cereal…

  1. Look in cabinet for bowl and spoon. If they don’t exist, then go get from store
  2. Look for cereal box. If it doesn’t exist, then go get from store
  3. Look for milk in fridge. Check expiration date. If it is missing or passed due, then go get from store
  4. Merge all items into bowl and move to table for use by associate

In UiPath and vb .net, this would read like this:

  1. If activity: condition: Not File.Exists(bowl), Then interact with store to download bowl
  2. If activity: condition: Not File.Exists(spoon), Then interact with store to download spoon
  3. If activity: condition: Not File.Exists(cereal), Then interact with store to download cereal
  4. If activity: condition: Not File.Exists(milk) Or Path.GetExpirationDate(milk), Then interact with store to download milk
  5. Merge cereal, Merge milk, Merge spoon

So, these concepts are built in to your thought process, and can’t necessarily be gained. However, knowing things like “always check if a file exists or that a variable contains a certain value or data type” before using those things, will normally help create more reliable code which you can brag to your team that IT WORKS, :laughing:

All other things, and there is a ton of things, can be gained just by simply “asking what does that do?”, searching for the answer (google or forums), and the experience of using different things in UiPath will eventually make you very valuable.

I like to think the “push every button” technique where you just start trying things out, is a good way to understand better what things can be or are used for within UiPath.

Additionally, if you have a variable, type a period next to it and look at the list it shows. If you want to know what one of those things in the list is used for, do a search for it, and you usually find an answer quick.

Simply put, if you have in your head of something you want to do, it can usually be done, but it’s just a matter of finding the answer.

The 3 main things all non-experienced programmers need to know is what are variables used for, what loops can accomplish, and ways to use conditions to return a boolean for things like If activities.

I hope this helps, and maybe had too much fun with the bowl of cereal analogy.



Hatsoff to your patience to type it out @ClaytonM:bowing_man:


I disagree slightly in that you don’t need prior knowledge, but through using UiPath, you will learn and need to use vb or C#. Just for simple things like handling various data types. If you don’t, your code will be a mess and not reliable at all. And, I agree that all coding languages share the same basic coding practices when it comes to variables, loops, logic, and overall code organization.

@ClaytonM, Thanks for the reply it helps me to accomplish my requirements.