Prerequiste to learn Ui path Studio

Hi Friends,

What are the Prerequiste to learn Ui path Studio.

Hello @Abdul_Jawad,

For the Uipath to learn there are no such requirements, To understand about the Uipath studio, orchestrator, Assistance you have to go to Uipath academy and start learning.

For logics to build you need to know some programming knowledge in VB.Net or C#

Rest you easily learn from courses

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Hi @Abdul_Jawad,

The UiPath academy certification will teach you how to use UiPath products. You don’t necessarily need any coding background, but as @ksrinu070184 said, it does help to know some VB.Net or C# as these are the coding languages UiPath Studio uses.

Thank you srinu, is there any good website or youtube link to learn or C#.

Thank you William.