Do we need knowledge to work on uipath

i know how to do the recorded sessions and everything.

But i feel when it comes to checking the logic or if i am assigning variables it would have been great if i was aware of VB .

is that feeling correct ?

Hi @dennis ,

Just basic knowledge is enough to work on uipath and if you know then it is more advantage for later topics.


I think VB.NET knowledge is required (to an extent) especially if you need to work extensively on Invoke code activity.
But otherwise there isn’t much of a need.

It is also useful dealing with expressions which very often allow you to simplify your workflows
Understanding type within .Net is also essential in order to even use properly UiPath.


Hey, don’t know how you can say that? almost all the errors are in VB language, very difficult to understand. i have the same issue, whether to learn VB or Vb .net or Vbscript to get a stronghold on UiPath. I’d appreciate sincere reply for people like me coming from Non-IT background.


Completely Agree @raviei426
@ovi can you please assist us over here.

Uipath should provide some learning path for tutorials or else it might be difficult to understand for budding RPA developers who would like to make solid career in RPA

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I think basic knowledge of will be of great help, in manipulating the variables(especially string values) and creating efficient logic.
It will also help you to understand the errors as well.

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I see your point but there are plenty of courses for beginners (free and paid). For example: or (these were among the first links at a Google search).



I’m in the process of taking the RPA Developer Foundation course. I was under the impression that you didn’t need to be a programmer to work with UiPath, but in the course there is a lot of VB.Net being used. I’ve been working with Blue Prism for a couple of years and most of the programming functionality is build into the tool. It’s simple to do string manipulations, etc. with BP, no programming required. For instance, in BP, to get the length of a string, I just use Len(“anystring”). While I do have a programming background, I haven’t worked with VB.Net. Am I missing something or do I need to learn VB? Thanks.