Do we need knowledge to work on uipath


i know how to do the recorded sessions and everything.

But i feel when it comes to checking the logic or if i am assigning variables it would have been great if i was aware of VB .

is that feeling correct ?

UiPath learning a non programmer

Hi @dennis ,

Just basic knowledge is enough to work on uipath and if you know then it is more advantage for later topics.


Hello Dennis,
To use UIPath I don’t think knowledge is a requirement. It only becomes advantageous if you know the basics.
Go through the UIPath Academy which will familiarize you with most of the activities available.


I think VB.NET knowledge is required (to an extent) especially if you need to work extensively on Invoke code activity.
But otherwise there isn’t much of a need.


It is also useful dealing with expressions which very often allow you to simplify your workflows
Understanding type within .Net is also essential in order to even use properly UiPath.