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Dear all,

I have uploaded a new package in UiPath Marketplace. Here are the package’s activities.

Excel Application Scope


  • DropDown List Values
  • DropDown Select
  • DropDown Selected Value


  • Add / New Shape
  • Add / New Shape At Cell
  • BringTo Forward And Backward
  • Delete All Shapes
  • Delete Shape
  • Duplicate Shape
  • Position At Cell Shape
  • Position Shape
  • Read Text All Shapes
  • Read Text Shape
  • Rotation Shape
  • Shape Properties
  • Shape Style
  • Size Shape
  • Write TextIn Shape


  • Slicer Buttons
  • Slicer Clear
  • Slicer Item List
  • Slicer SelectedItem
  • Slicer SelectItem
  • Slicer Size
  • Slicer Style


  • TimeLine Clear
  • Timeline Get DateRange
  • TimeLine List
  • TimeLine Navigator
  • TimeLine Show


  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Pie Chart

Chart Tools

  • Chart CopyTo Clipboard
  • Chart Delete
  • Chart Embed To PowerPoint
  • Chart Format
  • Chart Image Extract
  • Delete All Chart

Conditional Formatting

  • Above Average / Below Average
  • Clear All Rules
  • ColorScale2 Basic
  • ColorScale3 Basic
  • DataBar Basic
  • Duplicate Values
  • Highlight Cells
  • IconSets Basic
  • Top Bottom 10


  • Execute DataTable
  • Execute NonQuery
  • Execute Scalar
  • Table Information


  • Text To Column

Data Validation

  • Date Between Validation
  • Date Validation
  • Delete Validation
  • General Validation
  • General Validation[Between]
  • List Validation

Emty Rows

  • Delete Empty Rows
  • Find Empty Rows
  • Hide Unhide Empty Rows

Freeze Panes

  • Freeze Columns
  • Freeze Pane
  • Freeze Rows

Hide Unhide

  • Column Hide Unhide
  • List Hidden Columns
  • List Hidden Rows
  • Row Hide
  • WorkSheet Hide Unhide


  • Extract HyperLinks
  • Insert Hyperlink
  • Remove Hyperlink

Named Range

  • Create Name Range
  • Delete Name Range
  • List Name Range

No Parent Tool

  • Close All Excel
  • Create Workbook
  • Get Column Index
  • Get Column Name
  • Repair Work Book


  • Add Note
  • Delete Notes
  • Get Notes
  • Show / Hide Notes

To know more activities

Thank you


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@balupad14 - Your custom package is really helpful, but it increases the excel file size from a few KBs to a really larger size which it makes it difficult to handle/open the excel after the usage of your custome package.

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