Backspace Key using Send Hotkey Activity

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Is there anyway to use Backspace in Send Hotkey activity?

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@Abishek If u want to empty the text field before typing u can use empty field property of type into activity, it will clears the whole text field. Is it helps you?

Hi, Is there any way to record the backspace button. I mean, I would like to enter a wrong username first, then by using the backspace I have to remove it and correct the username. I need this scenario to be automated using Uipath. Is that possible?

Presently its not possible by sending hotkey.
One way of doing it is using the ‘back’ option in sendHotkey


By your requirement, as suggested by @Manjuts90 it looks straight forward to use the “EmptyField” option under the activity to clear the text.

hi @pratiksharma172000


This is a Citrix environment and i need to clear the text box, when trying manually it only gets empty when the Backspace is clicked no other alternative method.

tried Empty Field, Back in send hotkey.

None of them worked is there any other alternate way to send the Backspace.

Any suggestions will be help Thanks in Advance.

@harsha8687 after clicking in the required input box. Use ctrl+a which selects whole text in the box and then use typeinto activity to enter the details.

hey @Manjuts90
Tried all didn’t work as it is citrix environment, got a shortcut from business that is “F2” which clears that text field.

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Hello everyone.

I was looking for an workaround for a similar issue (check user’s name inside Domino Db after search it) and i found that if you use the “Type Into” activity with the ASCII code for backspace CHR(32), you would be able to recreate the backspace keystroke.

Hope this help others in the future.



Try using this hotkeys in Type into Activity instead of SendHotkey


Use Send Hotkey with Chr(8)