Send Hotkey Backspace Not Working Correctly

I am attempting to use the backspace key in a type into activity. When it runs, it will literally type out “[k(back)]”. There are other variables and strings in the activity, could this be affecting it?

What does the full string you’re using look like?

dateSplit(1) + “/” + dateSplit(2)+ “[k(back)]/” +dateSplit(3)

You cannot use simulate type a hot key. Try send windows message.



Are you using the [k(back)] as part of another activity?

Try using it separately, I mean send hotkey as a separate activity. Sometimes, it acts weird if combined with other activities.

You were almost done
When we are using hotkeys along with the string in the type into activity
We should not enable simulate type property.
Kindly disable that if simulate type property is enabled and enable the send windowmessage property either

That would work for sure
Cheers @mplo724

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Why you need to do a backspace in a type into activity? If you want to delete the last character from the “dateSplit(2)” you can use dateSplit(2).Substring(0,dateSplit(2).length-1).toString

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This worked perfectly, thank you! Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between SendWindowMessages and SimulateType?

I tried this and for some reason it emptied the field when it got to the type into activity after the backspace, despite the “EmptyField” box not being checked. All is well now though :slight_smile:

Simulate Type Method

It is the best method to interact with applications that are not visible or in foreground. This acts more like a developer programmatically changing the value of an editable control, making it 100% accurate if the control reacts to it. This method doesn’t work in all cases as there are technologies we cannot automate natively, by taking advantage of their underlying technology. This option can be set for Type Into activity.

Send Window Messages Method

This method effectively replays all the window messages an application receives when a user uses the keyboard. This works only with applications that respond to Window Messages. This option can be set for Type Into and Send Hotkey activities. If special characters are needed then this method is the only background automation option.

I hope this is clear enough, let me know if you have more questions. As well refer to this link: