Background after some records not able to insert amount in text box

Hi,for some records amount is not able to insert in text box when I am using this in background.I am using TAB with amount.There is logic in website So I need to use tab in type into. @Palaniyappan @GBK

@Aditya10989 - pls enable/select SimulateType checkbox for TypeInto activity…

Do but my tab is not working when SimulateType enable

pls try -

  • enable simulatetype … remove tab hotkey from input
  • add send hotkey activity and select tab and try

this not work in background

I am getting this issue.Not in every records.I need to process 1500 records.After inserting 50 records then I got issue in some records.This work in back ground.when my system locked.Because it take 14-15 hours to complete the execution

is this activity with unattended robot or studio/attended robot?

sorry did not understand meaning of is this activity with unattended or attended robot

is the process hosted in orchestrator and executing the job with unattended/attended robot or running the execution via Studio?

not right now hosted in orchestrator. Right now I am executing in local system.But yes after successfully complete it will deploy to orchestrator

ok… - according to the license of robots - this cannot run under a locked screen…

You can execute the job via Unattended robot and try - this will work without any issues…
Increase the lockscreen timeout…

yes I have License of uipath.And it work for locked screen also but for some records face this issue.I am also send you log file to check how time it executing and how much record I faced this issue.In 1200 record I faced this issue in 300 selector not found

if selectors not found issue could be the page response related…
maybe you can add before/after delays/element exists /onelement appear activities for major selectors…

yes I already done but not work

I am attaching log file these all records done screen lock.when I execute this then I press win + Lock.Please go through log file.I can also see how much record I will face this issue.04-20-2020.txt (89.4 KB)

@Palaniyappan can you please help me on this.
@GBK Deployment team also deploy code to orchestrator but still face this issue
This throw the error in both local as well as orchestrator .But One thing we observe this issue we will faced after run 1 hour 30 mint almost.We are not sure this issue is related to application or some thing else related to background or system disconnect,time out.But we faced this issue in local system as well as orchestrator.
if this issue related to the application then it should not worked for that record which we faced the issue.But we again execute it work fine for almost next 80 to 100 records then again faced this issue.
@Palaniyappanemphasized text I am request you please look into this matter