Azure pipeline deployment to on-prem orchestrator timing out


I am working on migrating our UiPath packages to our Azure instance and setting up automatic deployments.

I have the build completing via the UIPathPack@2 task and have moved on to the UiPathDeploy@2 task.

I created a test user specifically for this test, it is a local user to orchestrator and not via AD and it was given administrator rights. I set up a service connection using this account and Basic Authentication.

I was then getting errors that it could not connect, we do not have the orchestrator available externally so I set up an azure agent on an internal server that can access orchestrator and used that in the yaml:

    name: RPA-Development-01
    - -equals MCPITBOTDEV01-Development-01

After that I received some generic message that no agent was found that satisfies the specified demands, this was an NPM issue so I installed NPM on the machine the agent is on and added a custom capability to the bot for NPM with the AppData path

That got me past the agent issue, but now I am getting an ##[error]Unhandled: connect ETIMEDOUT error with an IP address following it

This is where I am stuck. One of the solutions I was able to find mentioned enabling OAuth2.0 but we do not use Azure AD, just Windows so that doesnt appear to be an option. I ensured that the machine the agent is running on can access the orchestrator site and the login credentials in the service connection successfully login from there.

Here is the yml I am running:

  • stage: DEVELOPMENT
    displayName: DEVELOPMENT
    dependsOn: BUILD
    condition: succeeded()
    • deployment: PACKAGE_DEPLOY
      displayName: PACKAGE_DEPLOY
      name: RPA-Development-01
      • -equals MCPITBOTDEV01-Development-01
        environment: RPA-Development-01
        - task: UiPathDeploy@2
        orchestratorConnection: ‘MCDEV-brabe’
        packagePath: '$(Pipeline.Workspace)\drop'
        folderName: ‘Shared’

I am not seeing anything in the logs on the orchestrator server, and am just at a bit of a wall so open to any suggestions.

So in case anyone else has a similar issue a few things were going on here, I needed to first run the task: UiPathInstallPlatform@3

Then the UIPathDeploy@2 is an old version the task, it needs to be @3:

          - task: UiPathInstallPlatform@3
            displayName: 'Install platform to cache internal tool'
              cliVersion: 'WIN_21.10.8319.10920'

          - task: UiPathDeploy@3
              orchestratorConnection: 'MCDEV-brabe'
              packagesPath: '$(Pipeline.Workspace)\drop\'
              folderName: 'Default'
              environments: 'Test'

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