UiPath Extension: Azure | Azure AD activated on Automation Cloud: Could not connect to Cloud Orchestrator

Hello UiPath Forum.

I’ve been trying to build a connection between Azure DevOps and Automation cloud for some time, with little succes. Neither my CI or my CD pipeline is able to connect to orchestrator.

I will try to give as much context and relevant articles below in hopes of getting some help.
First off; here is the log from azure pipelines, this error is from the Deploy job:

2023-01-25T17:02:48.4024224Z ##[section]Starting: UiPath Deploy
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4197608Z ==============================================================================
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4197924Z Task         : UiPath Deploy
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4198075Z Description  : Deploys a UiPath NuGet package onto UiPath Orchestrator.
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4198315Z Version      : 2.11.3214338
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4198468Z Author       : UiPath
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4199559Z Help         : 
2023-01-25T17:02:48.4199684Z ==============================================================================
2023-01-25T17:02:49.4699177Z CLI downloaded successfully, extracting...
2023-01-25T17:02:49.4905246Z (node:1144) [DEP0005] DeprecationWarning: Buffer() is deprecated due to security and usability issues. Please use the Buffer.alloc(), Buffer.allocUnsafe(), or Buffer.from() methods instead.
2023-01-25T17:02:51.7666659Z Caching tool: uipcli 21.10.8319-10920 x64
2023-01-25T17:02:52.2856352Z [command]D:\a\_temp\ddf8zptzt\lib\net461\uipcli.exe run D:\a\_tasks\UiPathDeploy_72167370-9f1d-47d5-be00-6f2554c20001\2.11.3214338\DeployOptions.json
2023-01-25T17:02:56.3900417Z Failed to run the command. Could not connect to Cloud Orchestrator: https://cloud.uipath.com/***/***/orchestrator_/, Account Name For App: ***, Application Id: ***, Application Scope(s): ***, Tenant: ***, Organization Unit: Modern/Development.
2023-01-25T17:02:56.3902663Z Please make sure that the provided URL (https://cloud.uipath.com/***/***/orchestrator_/) is correct, available from your build agent, and not blocked by a firewall.
2023-01-25T17:02:56.3903780Z If the Orchestrator is using a self-signed SSL certificate, make sure that the build agent trusts it. Ensure that all the steps at https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/self-signed-certificates were correctly followed when creating the certificate.
2023-01-25T17:02:56.4608356Z Stack trace:
2023-01-25T17:02:56.5329298Z ##[error]Error deploying package: Error: The process 'D:\a\_temp\ddf8zptzt\lib\net461\uipcli.exe' failed with exit code 1.
2023-01-25T17:02:56.5431254Z ##[section]Finishing: UiPath Deploy

Service Connection in azure config

It also has access to all pipelines.

I then followed the following articles
API keys (uipath.com)


Not applicable for Azure AD

If the authentication settings for your organization are set to use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), the API Access button is not available and these instructions are not applicable for you.

In this case, you must do one of the following:

  • log out of Automation Cloud and then log in with a UiPath account instead of an Azure AD account (I couldnt get this to work)
  • (recommended) use the OAuth flow instead. (Config of this follows below)

Since the service connection is already created i moved on to this

and gave the service connection admin access on all folders and tenants (just to make sure it wasnt a grainular access issue) nothing has helped.

I’m at the end of my ropes, does anyone know where to look next?


Can you try this step by step guide

So is your build successful?

And are admin rights provided for the build agent?(to just rule out)


Hey and thanks.
The CI build can run through using the agent with no issues. it merely notes that it cant not log into orchestrator (since i have disabled the testing part of the pipeline, it never needs orchestrator access and is therefore successfull)
the CD part which publishes the packages to orchestrator fails since it also does not have access.

The initial setup of the pipeline i created was made by following the guide you posted, my futher ramblings are me trying to problemsolve after the guide.

Since the pipeline can run with the agent i believe it has all the access it needs, but if there is something there i am overlooking then i’m open for inputs.

I believe my problem is that the oauth for the service connection is somehow configured incorrectly or that the account name is incorrect. (in non-azure ad activated cloud setups this is found in the admin section of cloud, but this is disabled on my setup.