Automation with Citrix BMD NTCS

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for my project I want to automate a task in BMD NTCS. But when I want to make a click activity or type unto I can not select anything, the whole screen is blue and will be selected and not the single ui elements.

The Error Message: “Cannot automate remote app: UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe is not running in the remote session.”

I hope you can help me and there is a solution to this.

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Please give a try with COMPUTER VISION activities with which you will be able to access the elements

Here you go on how to install and use it

Go to manage packages in design tab of studio and search for UiPath.CV and install it

Cheers @denis.besina

When trying to adapt and adding Cv Scope it says " Server API key missing or invalid. Please copy it from the Licenses page on [401]"



We need to provide the api key for CV if the bot is connected to a cloud orchestrator

We can find that api key in license tab
For more info

Cheers @denis.besina

Thanks I found the API Key and put it into “” but now it says this


And do I need to put something into the URL thanks for the help!

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Yeah the url is

Cheers @denis.besina

Thank you, but it still states the above Error with. “The private implementation of activity …” See picture above. What do I need to do?

Can I see the complete error message

I fixed it thank you :slight_smile:

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