Automation suite deployment with azure cloud

Hello everyone
does anyone have a video tutorial or a simple document that describes the steps for deploying a project on cloud azure with automation suite
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I don’t believe we have a video tutorial, but we do have our documentation with the steps to deploy Automation Suite on Azure. You can either use our template, which will deploy everything you need in just few clicks : Step 1: Preparing the Azure deployment ( and Step 2: Deploying Automation Suite to Azure (
We have also a step by step instructions if you want to deploy manually Automation Suite on Azure with screenshots : Sample Azure infrastructure setup (

Hope that helps!


Hi @dhouha.cherif,

I have previously used the ready build resource from Azure Marketplace

All you then have to do it connect them together or if you only use the Robot connect it to your Community Orchestrator to run unattended robots.

Please ensure you have your strict budget on such services, you do not want to pay for unwanted cloud units. Deallocate the VM as you wish using Scheduled Shutdowns in Azure.

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thank you very much

thank you for your help

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