How to Install UiPath Studio on Microsoft Azure?

Hello all, I heard before about cloud automation, but had no idea about what that means, what it would look like - you don’t need to install Robot on your PC?, etc. Could anyone kindly guide clueless me to understand what it is and for the start, how to install it?

Here are some questions:

  1. Is it possible to install UiPath Studio and Robot via Microsoft Azure?
  2. Is it possible to install Community Edition (.exe) or it must be .msi?
  3. Does anyone has any resources to start with this?
    Googled Azure Tutorial too and currenlty reading it but it seems like a loong long way…
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Hello @Prashant_08, thank you for your reply.
I saw that page too, but then I saw it was for Orchestrator.
We don’t use Orhestrator, hence we only want to install UiPath Studio and Robot.
Or I was understanding and installing Studio and Robot should be done by installing Orchestrator?
How about when we don’t use Orchestrator?

Hi @whyyouandi

If you want to install UiRobot on Azure Hosting, you would need the access of Virtual machine and would have to install the softwares manually.

If you are refering to azure automation, its a different thing, you would not need uipath for that.


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Following yesterday’s announcement regarding integration of UiPath and Azure , are there any concrete case examples? For instance, the announcement states “UiPath has invested in native integration with a number of Azure Cognitive Services” and “It’s also possible to leverage technologies like Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, PowerApps and Power BI with UiPath”.

Can one help how Integrated Uipath Orchestor with Power BI for Logs Dashboards, need replace ELK/ Kibana.