Automation suite deployment vs studio

I’m working on a project that needs to be deployed by Automation Suite on an azure cloud.

should i install uipath studio on cloud and work on it or uipath studio should be installed on my machine only and cloud will be used only to configure automation suite and deployment?

Hello @dhouha.cherif

Studio you need to use for the development purpose and for executing the process, you need only robots connected to orchestrator.

So if you want to install studio in cloud, that also you can do as per your infrastrcuture. Else if you are creating a VM only to execute the workflow, then installation of studio can be done in your machine and robot can be installed in VM and install the package to it using Orchestrator.


thank you very much.
If I understand correctly, to deploy with automation suite with Cloud azure:
The development and the orchestration of the robots are done on my machine and the installation of the automation suite and the deployment are done on the cloud machine?

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