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I am discovering the Automation Hub these days just to find out what it is capable of. I am following the examples contained in this link related to its API: Introduction to Automation Hub API. I set up my API in automation hub and I try to make a call following the example but I am not being successful. Is there something else I might be missing?

I noticed also this link where its mentioned that the API was not public yet, but if I understand correctly this should not be the case anymore: API documentation?

Some screnshots also of how I set up and call the API:


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Hi @Karko,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late response.

First of all, you are right, now the Automation Hub API is generally available so the reference in the link you have mentioned is not applicable anymore.

Related to your issue around generating and using the Authentication Token - as far as I can see from the screenshots provided, you have performed the correct steps - I’m assuming that you have downloaded directly the postman collection for the API from here: Automation Hub API.
However, if I look at the documentation that you have referenced (Introduction to Automation Hub API) and where you said you have picked up the example, I see that there is an error in the way the token is represented:

  • In the documentation, you have the token example like this Authorization: Bearer [Tenant ID\Token], while the actual format is Authorization: Bearer [Tenant ID/Token]. That may appear if you have composed the token manually and have copied the tenant ID, then added a delimiter and then the token.
  • If what I have mentioned in the first bullet point is true, then this can be easily avoided if you use the copy feature from the Automation Hub interface image . This copies the full authorization token (that includes the tenant id, delimiter and token from the interface.

Please let me know if the above explanation helps and if you are able to successfully authenticate to the Automation Hub Open API. If not, please follow up in this thread so we can perform some further troubleshooting.

Thank you,


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Hey @Karko,

Can you let us know if you are still encountering the reported issues or if the steps from my previous post has managed to solved them?

Thanks in advance!