API documentation?

Hi, where can I find/how can I access the Automation Hub API documentation/specification? Swagger?

Hello @FrankSpangenberg,

The API is not open yet. We are currently working on it.
Once we will have documentation available, we will publish it.

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Hello Lulia,

Thanks for the update.

Would you be able to provide approximate timeline ?

Thank you.


The Open API feature was launched on Monday into Private Preview for the Automation Hub customers that are part of the Insider Program.
If you have an Automation Hub paying license and you are part of the Insider Program, you can register to have early access to it. If not, the GA release for the feature is approximately end of July for the entire audience.

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Does this apply to partners as well?

Yes, you need to register in the Insider Program first and have a paying license (or NFR) in order to get early access to the OpenAPI.