Swagger using in uipath for automation HUb

Hi Team,
I am using Automation hub and swagger for api
But when i am using api i am invalid access token but i am filling valid token

Hi @Vivek_Kumar4,
Could you give us more details? Is it the on-prem instance or the community one?

Hi Pablito,

I have taken 2 month trial ver for automation-hub

@Iulia_Istrate - could you help with this?

Hi @Vivek_Kumar4 ,

What kind of API call are you trying to perform?
What kind of token are you using for that API call (user-bound or user-less)?
If the token is user-bound, is the user associated with the token having the right roles in Automation Hub, in order to perform that action?

Please check this page for the API documentation: Introduction to Automation Hub API

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Thanks @Iulia_Istrate

I have token , Token is getting from automation hub

Hi @Vivek_Kumar4 ,

In order to assist with your query, it would help to answer the questions I mentioned above.

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