Automation Broken

Hi have 3 automation running for the past months. Suddently yesterday they stopped working. They can’t click on some point, The activities is a “click hardware” and it couldn’t work.

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Where can I install the Hardware package for this activities?

What’s happening?


There is no such activity as Click hardware. It’s just Click activity and it’s Input method is the property you should be looking at which is Hardware Events

What’s the error?

Ashok :slight_smile:


First of all looks like you are trying to click on a zip file from file explorer

But if that is the ask then you need not do click …instead you have zip and unzip activities which you cna use


I Have to do this activities but I can’t add The Click, the “normal one” not the one related to the browser, I don’t have it in the activitites panel.
Am I missing something?

The zip file folder click was an example. I have to do the activities in the comment above this


Can you please tell the exact error you are getting and the task you are performing that might help in identifying

and are there any recent changes tht happened on studio,machine or the application you are using


Ok, But why I don’t have “Click activities” in my project?
I have to copy and paste form another one
I dont’ have this click that i need:


I see a click after application event trigger activity

If you want classic activities then from filter on top select classic


Did you recently update your studio version? Classic activities were hidden.

Is there a reason you want to use classic over modern?

Rather, you can use the “Extract Files” and “Move File” activity.
Much more reliable, and wont have to worry with click automations.


Because It’s a popup and it’s outside the Browser. I have to interact with windows application such as file explorer and the browser’s click, type into, ecc… doesn’t work everytime. The classic activities work everytime

if you want classic activities enable them in the filter by default they are hidden


Thats really not my experience and modern has alot of features to help you ensure something is clicked and is far more reliable.

As suggested already, stick to an older Enterprise version if you dont want these changes and dont update again, otherwise Modern is here and will be the default.

I have a laptop where I develop my automation then transport them to another pc.
On the developer one they work but on the other pc they don’t work or can’t replicate them, when i try to select a button os something else UiPath can just click the whole section.
Any advice to solve this?

To try to make sure I understand correctly? You mean you develop them in one place, but when you run them attended/unattended on the other machine the click action doesnt work?

We are still talking about the classic click vs modern right?

There are different ‘methods’ to click, it could be they arent the same, or that you have more than one selector in the unifed modern selector.

Are both machines on the same UiPath version?

Yea, u undestand correctly, That’s why I’m having this issue with click.
In my developer machine I can simply use the Classic click and they work perfetcly and they worked in the other machines too until 2 days ago, when the stopped to work with no reason.
I’m using the same version of Studio community(2024.4.0) and as I said in my developer pc everything works fine, I can select correctly the right item to click but on the other pc everything doesn’t work.

I’d recommend switching to a stable enterprise version for consistency on your Studio experience if you want to stick with classic activities.

If you want to debug, and get a handle on the modern ones, which are imo better and worth it, I need more info, such as screenshots of the property pane for each click action, the one that works and the one that doesnt.


You can see the classic activities by changing the filter in Activities Panel.

Regarding, selectors not working on other PC, check for Browser settings if they are asking for save as confirmation popup.

If the Ask where to save each file before downloading is on then only this popup will be visible.

Ashok :slight_smile:

@Erradish I experienced a similar issue last week with an enterprise edition of Studio. I had multiple automations working and the next day multiple click activities had stopped working. One automation mostly used Modern click activities and the other Classic click activities. I had published these automations to UiPath Assistant and ran them without any issues on my computer and a remote desktop. The next day I received errors with several different click activities on my computer and the remote desktop. I have not been able to fix either automation, they will work on my personal computer and then not work on the remote desktop or the opposite will happen. Since then I have updated the UiPath Assistant and Studio. Both had been updated around the beginning of the year. Have you found what caused your issue?