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picture from course
my doubts:
The instructor asks to use the “click” activity and point to a specific area in the application - but in my studio, the “click” activity doesn’t work unless it’s within the “Use APP/Browser” activity.

my studio picture there isn’t the “selector” option as shown in the video lesson.

And the “click” activity appears differently; in my studio, it looks completely different, ending with Nclick.
These things are delaying my learning too much, besides generating various doubts and wasting time searching for a solution for this. I can’t accept that this course doesn’t have video lessons with updated versions; it’s a major demotivating factor.

Hi @Wagner_Macedo

Since now all the certifications are based on Modern Experience of UiPath Studio. You need to use Click activity inside the Use Application/Browser activity. Make sure UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities is in the latest version

Check the below images for better understanding:

Happy to help if further clarifications are needed.


Hi @vrdabberu

you have your project set with the moder experience, that is why your activities are quite different, it is better to search a course with the modern activities because you will be using it more that the old activities so it’s a good a idea starting with the modern. If still you want to do the course using classic you can follow this steps

Go to your project settings and toggle off the moder experience

Then in the activities tab, click on the filter and select the classic category

Now when you search for a click activity you will have the two options available and your should pick from the classic section


Hope this helps, regards!

The class is using an old version of Studio and/or the dependencies. It doesn’t matter. You should be using the new version, and everything works the same although it may look a little different.

I started like this
I believe this is the modern experience, isn’t it?

Hi @Wagner_Macedo

Yes, you are using Modern experience if you want classic activities then click on Classic

perfect , but I cant see the selector opiton like showed here

video course

and the name of activity is Nclick and not Click only

my studio

I found the error

thanks guys

Hi @Wagner_Macedo

The Click activity used is Classic Click activity:


You can enable that by going to Activities Panel=> Click Filter Option=> Enable Classic


the project should be Classic not Modern :grinning:

Yes :grinning:
I misunderstood what Fernando said; the project was indeed in modern, and it should have been in the classic experience.

Since in the latest update The Modern Experience option has been removed so if you need to use Classic activities you need to go to Activities Panel=> Click Filter Option=> ENable Classic to use Classic activities.

Hope you understand!!

The problem is that the course doesn’t mention whether it will be modern or classic, so I started the process without knowing. I find this course quite flawed, lacking information. Anyway, I’ll continue with the process now. Thank you very much for the help.

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“Does it have any effect on the properties if they change during the Modern/Classic process? Or does it only have an effect if the process is initiated already configured for classic or modern?”

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