The click activity is not working

Hello everyone. Iam facing issues with the click activity and i ,would be grateful if anybody can help me. The activity used to work very well but suddenly it got inactive, and its not performing click anymore.

@Tagif_Ensa Did you update the studio?which click activity it is classic or modern?.

Hi @Tagif_Ensa which actvity you are using ? enable AlterifDisabled property and try

sangeethaneelavannan1, thank you for answering.
The click activity iam using is Uipath.Core.Activities.Click

Tapan Behera, thanks for your reply.
if i do that i won’t be able to run the automation process in background.

Okay then try with simulate +alterifdisabled

Also check with

  1. simulate true OR
  2. send window message true OR
  3. both false
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If you use simulate click ,it works on background.

Hello @Tagif_Ensa

As you mentioned the click activity was working earlier and stopped all of a sudden, then there may ba some update happened. Go to manage package-> update all the dependent packages to the stable version and execute.