Automation Awareness - The Automation Journey - We want to hear your thoughts!

The Build phase intrigued me, i cant wait to build projects

I want to be expertise in everything and become a good architect in the first phase.

All phases of the automation journey have intrigued me. Hope to be able to form a CoE and start automation journey in my company!

Super keen to see how UiPath own software identifies tasks and processes to improve

It was a long time wish to learn about automation and RPA Software. Finally found a right product to learn and I beleive most of our Helpdesk activities will be automated using RPA. Much more eager to complete all other courses to fully utilize the feature of the UIPath,

All that UiPath has to offer intrigues me the most … i can’t wait to put my hands on UiPath Studio…

Automation ideas Discovery is the one I am keen in and would like to explore more on Automation Hub.

A thought was there always to learn it and excel, now converting a thought to reality with UI Path automations learnings.

Let’s meet at a master class soon…

I like this beginner course by Ui path & look forward to make career in RPA. & Study next courses also

Good to have This learning opportunity, waiting to create some wonders

the build phase intrigues me the most and I can’t wait to use UiPath Studio X