Curious what your experience has been

Hi, I’m an independent consultant trying to learn more about UiPath and robotic process automation in general.

I was wondering if you have any quick thoughts around what has been working well for you and any particular pain points around studio?




Uipath is really easy to use and learn compared to most of the RPA tools. Also the speed in which solutions can be created is incredible. You are going the right direction by choosing UIpath. The market is constantly growing so fast and right now it’s currently the best RPA tool there is.
Check this image out:


Hi @AutoResearcher

Welcome to the community!!

Just like @rmunro mentioned, you are in the right direction in choosing UiPath for your automation needs. Compared to other tools, Most of UiPath solutions are free to use as Community editions so that anyone can try out on their own without any restrictions. Certification is also free until September 2019 if I remember the date correct.

It’s one of the best and easiest tools to learn. If you have a programming background with some C# or experience, learning UiPath is not hard at all.

I really don’t have any pain points around UiPath Studio. It’s a continuously improving software where we get updates every month. Lot of support is also available for community users here int he forum. Staff is quite friendly and supportive…

So, for me, it’s the best solution for RPA :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Ui Path and clearly they’re the leader based on that graph (is it from 2019?). I am assuming you are using Ui Path?

I’d love to have just 10 or 15 minutes of your time to see how it has affected your business/organization. There is so much content on this forum to learn from! And from you experts. Thank you again, Phil

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Ah yes good point. I’m still early in my research, but have heard that I can sign up for a free trial relatively easily, so that’s good to confirm.

Like you said, I noticed this forum is quite active which is a good sign that it’s actively being supported by both Ui Path and fellow users. I’m sure I’m going to come up on questions and it’s great to know I have a place to search for them rather than trying to figure it out from (stale) documentation.

I was asking rmunro the same thing about if you have even 10 or 15 minutes for a couple more questions about your experience with Ui Path and how it has impacted your business/organization.

Thank you again!

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@AutoResearcher, that graph is from May 2019 posted by Gartner Magic Quadrant. You can find that chart and more info here:
I use Nice & Uipath as well.The company where I work with is a Nice partner so that’s why we use it but as a RPA developer, I know for sure how behind this Nice software is compared to Uipath. For example what I create in Nice in a week, it takes me less than a day to build in UIpath. But when you get paid for doing it in another software you have no choice right? Even though it’s faster, more reliable and easier to build.

I’m currently at work right, now. I can’t schedule a meeting right now but I can reply here a few more questions.

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Well, My experience with UiPath is quite interesting. I started on UiPath in late January this year. However, since I have the programming background, I was able to grasp everything from zero to where I’m now quite fast than I expected. I was able to complete the certification within just two weeks :slight_smile:

So after that, the forum was my friend to learn many things. Unlike other forums, the people here are quite friendly and supportive. So make the best use of them and their knowledge to learn more…

UiPath Studio has many inbuilt activities that are provided by UiPath. However, still there are tasks that are hard and require lot of work to be done which require some coding knowledge or complex workflows. However, to support this, they have a open platform Ui Go! where we community can build our own activities, templates to support such things. As a community contributor, I have identified few scenarios where people get stuck or where people face complexities. I have created some components to address some of those scenarios. The good thing about UiPath Studio is, you can easily integrate the components we have published to the project and use them without much hassle. This makes our automation journey quite interesting and easy. Everyone here in the community can help others in various different ways because we have such freedom here in all platforms UiPath provide.

I have used UiPath for many different projects. One of the best examples I have comes from the company I work for. Recently I architected and developed one automation solution to our company. It’s a HR automation which usually takes 8 hours a week when done manually. After the automation, this task takes only about 1 hour a week. We could gain such efficiency rates by applying the automation. Since UiPath is easy and have lot of support, we can get our development tasks done quite easily and quickly.


Understood. Interesting insight about how it seems like you’re a bit stuck with Nice, even though Ui Path is superior in your experience.

How about any pain paints you have with working in Studio? Are there things you hope will be improved in future releases? Does Nice happen have anything that Ui Path could benefit from?

Thank you for your time!

Wow two weeks! I wasn’t expecting responses today, but am very grateful you took time out of your day to do so.

Ah, so you could create and share components to people in this community?
Curious have you happened to use other RPA solutions?

8 hours down to 1 hour is quite amazing and I feel is what makes this RPA space so exciting for the future and open up new opportunities.

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Yes… We can create and share the components with our community. Below is the link to Ui Go! where we publish our components. I have also contributed quite a lot there…

Apart from UiPath, I have not used any other RPA tools. However, I do have friends who use other tools. So I got some feedback from them. From what they say, UiPath is quite easier and user friendly. Additionally, I have also done some reading as well. So what I found was similar to the points my friends described…

Exactly, RPA is an interesting field and such automation achievements makes it much more interesting. RPA is a emerging technology where we are getting lot of demand in different parts of the world. So let’s get ready for what to come… it’s definitely interesting


Maybe something that Nice calls “Callouts”. Which basically is a User Form that you can customize to your will. It’s just cool, but nothing that’s really important. So far out of my 30+ Uipath projects there hasn’t been anything, I couldn’t archive using Uipath. I got stuck maybe for a day or two a few times. But this forum is really active and most of the time the solution is already here or you can just paste your issue and you typically receive a response right away. According to Uipath this is the largest RPA forum. I read that somewhere, I don’t remember where exactly but I can remember reading that around here.


Yeah I don’t think I’ve sent any other forum as robust at this one in the RPA space.

I was thinking about what a few of you have been saying and am wondering in your view, what makes UiPath simple? What do you mean by it being simple?

Simplicity is the recurring theme I hear and am trying to understand that a bit better. Thanks again!

Just thought of one more thing as I was thinking about it last night (and same question I asked rmunro):

In your view, what makes UiPath simple? What do you mean by it being simple?

It’s a recurring theme, so I’m trying to understand a bit better why so many people say it’s simple. Thanks again!

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Hi @AutoResearcher

If you compare UiPath with other RPA tools, it provides better user friendly interface. Additionally, UiPath offers a interface where less coding is involved. Everything is simplified into a set of drag and drop activities which even a beginner can understand. This is one of the main points behind becoming easier than other RPA tools. As per my friends, there are other tools that are mostly script based where you need to write scripts that require a bit of technical know how where as UiPath doesn’t require that tech knowledge.

There are many other benefits of using UiPath compared with other products. You can get loads of information on those through google search. For those, going through them would be the ideal than I saying it :smile:


Yes, like Lahiru said. All basically it’s just drag and drop. I honestly don’t know how to code, but I seem to be able to do almost anything in this tool.


UiPath is cool. I learned about it just about a year ago and I started helping on the Forum shortly after. The fact I was welcomed as part of the UiPath team was crazy awesome too :slight_smile:

Reading through this thread really shows that we are heading in the right direction.
Thank you! We’ll continue to be awesome :smiley:


That’s another awesome RPA journey… There are so many awesome stories around here… Great!!!