Reboot Your Skills - Automation Starter - Discover the UiPath Platform

We’d love to learn what are your thoughts on the UiPath Platform :

  • What automation phase intrigued you the most,
  • And what UiPath product you cannot wait to put your hands on.

I can’t wait to put my hands mainly on this “Uipath Task Capture and Uipath Document understanding” now, then later explore others.

I love Uipath

May I know where is the final quiz please? Thank you!

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Looking forward to gaining more insight on apps and how they can be utilized with the attended bot. Also had a few challenges with the exercise yet was able to create my bot (e.g. didn’t see Resources and unable to see save for later). Thanks for the opportunity to play. Unsure how/where the quiz is as well.

The quiz is waiting for you next week!

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Waiting for final quiz, please
Thank you

Hi @vidhya6877 , you can find the quiz in the Check Your Understanding course.

Great training